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   I like to think of my paintings as settings, places drawn from memory but emptied from narrative-elements. I want the viewers to appropriate them and make a projection of their own stories and feelings, in essence, to occupy the space.
   There is a nuance between the two words that define Landscape, topos and topion. Topos is the place that surrounds us, our natural frame. Topion on the other hand, is the landscape one sees, and through our own experience memorise. It is our own personal view of it. The topion appears through the remembrance of it; without it it would not exist.
   Every person has memories, thus his own topia. But what is there, behind all these memorised versions of a place? Is there a basic element code in the landscape that each one encodes in our own liking?
    In my work, I am de-coding my memories, finding those basic elements, symbolisms of elements, in search of a universal basis and a common setting for every story.